Thoughts on Lugia and Ho-oh Return

Pokémon GO

If you haven’t read it, the Johto duo of Ho-oh and Lugia are back in town for one weekend! You can read the official annoucenement here.

Yeah so when I said I predicted a weekend event, I meant Community Day or a 3 hour raid. I didn’t mean the return of Lugia and Ho-oh for the umpteenth time. This is Lugia’s 4th appearance in 18 months and while its great they’re again people a chance to catch shiny Lugia it feels like just rehashing old content. Ho-oh has only appeared thrice so far and it definitely deserves a time that it doesn’t have to share with other legendaries and lasting more than 2 weeks.

I’ll probably not spend any premium passes on them, since I prior to this I already have 15 Ho-oh and 11 Lugia. Its just doing the raids for the possiblity of a shiny Pokemon and the xp. The exception might be if there’s a level 5 raid at a nearby ex gym so I can turn it gold. For that I’ll gladly part with my green pass.

I will say that this is a welcome break from Cresselia, a very lacklustre legendary Pokemon. Lugia and Ho-oh are much better, even if Ho-oh could do with a revamped movepool to at least give it a chance as a pure fire attacker or pure flying attacker. Either one would be great. Lugia has a better movepool , acting as a great counter to fighting types through its double resistance and STAB moves. It’s my first choice for a Machamp raid boss but not solo, I think Rayquaza does a much better job there if you try to solo Machamp. It would be a great gym defender but alas no legendaries allowed.

Ho-oh is a personal favourite mine so to see it back again is great, even if it is another repeat legendary. Its shiny form is really beautiful, as is its normal form and who doesn’t love the thrill of seeing a shiny pop up on the screen? Lugia, well, even if it is the most repeated legendary so far, its shiny form is has only been available for a weekend before this. It might have been available in the second time it was released but maybe it was a really rare catch then as I didn’t one then. I was fortunate to get one from only 3 raids in the third release. For others who weren’t so fortunate this is a great chance to get that red Lugia.

So, not a great weekend but certainly better than having to do Cresselia. We’re also getting a new legendary raid boss next week so it’ll get better soon.

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