Attacking Azelf: A Raid Guide



Source: Bulbapedia

Note: This guide was written before its release. Information may be out of date and will be updated if it is deemed to be.

Azelf, one of 3 pure psychic types who form the Lake Trio because they are guardians of 3 lakes in the Sinnoh region. Azelf has a unremarkable moveset where it gets a STAB moveset and then non-STAB movesets. Fast moves like Confusion and Extrasensory are par for the course while getting Future Sight certainly improves its prospects. Swift and Fire Blast are not worth it and shouldn’t even be considered. Use a Charge TM to get Future Sight if you want to invest in a Azelf.

Azelf has 270 attack, 151 defence and 181 stamina of which only its attack is truly remarkable, ranking 13th out of all Pokemon. There are definitely better Psychic Pokemon out there to choose over Azelf but its at least better than the underwhelming Cresselia. Azelf with a pure Psychic moveset is only behind Mewtwo with the same moveset typing so if you really need a good Psychic attacker you could try using Azelf.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Psychic Ghost Grass
Fighting Dark Poison
Bug Steel

It is a pure Psychic type so its only weak to Ghost, Dark and Bug. Avoid using Fighting types because they’ll go down quickly while not doing a lot of damage. Psychic moves are to be avoided as well because Azelf resists it. There’s nothing else to add about it other than stick with moves that are supereffective against Psychic.


Fast Move Type Power
Confusion Psychic 20
Extrasensory Psychic 12

Two psychic moves so you are guaranteed STAB no matter what. Pick Confusion over Extrasensory if you intend to use Azelf.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Fire Blast Fire 140 1
Future Sight Psychic 120 1
Swift Normal 60 2

Future Sight is the only move you need if you’re using Azelf. TM any move if its not that. A moveset with Future Sight is the most dangerous when facing Azelf. If you aren’t facing that, then the raid going to be so much easier.

Assembling The Team

It’ll be more of the usual suspects when dealing with Azelf and this should apply to the rest of the Lake Trio too, with perhaps some minor differences.



Source: Bulbapedia

Bite and Crunch are the movesets you want. Tyranitar resists every move Azelf knows and so your Tyranitar should hold up well against it. If you don’t have one with Bite and Crunch, then any combination of its rock and dark moves will do. Just don’t use Iron Tail or Fire Blast because its not viable.



Source: Bulbapedia

The only move Weavile needs to be careful is Fire Blast which will melt its fragile body. Weavile has attack but its not as bulky as Tyranitar so do not be surprised to see it take more damage than it. Stick with the moveset of Feint Attack and Foul Play.


3: Darkrai


Source: Bulbapedia

If its out, you can also use Darkrai to take on Azelf. The best moveset would be Snarl and Shadow Ball. If you don’t have that, then go with Snarl and Dark Pulse. Its only ranked lower than Tyranitar and Weavile because as a legendary candies are going to be much harder to come by. That means it’s going to take much longer to get a team where you have at least 3 Darkrai.

Honourable Mention 


Gengar is going to take supereffective damage from Azelf due to its Poison half and with the changes to the multipliers for supereffective damage, its not a Pokemon I would recommend. However Gengar does resist Swift, more so than Tyranitar so if you can correctly predict Swift as the charge move, go for Gengar.

Use the moveset of Lick and Shadowball if you can get it, if not then Shadow Claw and Shadowball. If you don’t have that move then just use any moveset that is a mix of Ghost and/or Dark.


I think Azelf as a raid boss is going to be somewhat like Latios. Weak in defence but its going to be really hard hitting. You shouldn’t have too much difficulty fighting it. It doesn’t have any tricky movesets and you if you want to short man it , it shouldn’t be too hard to do at all.

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