The First 100%: Pinsir


Pinsir is one of those cool looking Pokemon that didn’t live up to its potential in the main series. It has a Mega Evolution which makes it Bug/Flying and it does give a stat increase to it but in Pokemon Go, the Bug type is still fairly mediocre apart from exceptions like Heracross.

Even so, getting a 100% Pinsir was great. A 100% IV Pokemon appearing in the wild is a 1/4096 chance, approximately 0.02% . It took immense luck for me to get Pinsir and I was grateful to get one. A part me of was also wishing it had happened to a better Pokemon like Dragonite or Snorlax, two popular Pokemon back when I encountered Pinsir.

Even so, my disppointment in Pinsir didn’t stop me from using TMs on it to convert its move to Bug type ones. I think mine had Submission at the time but I didn’t need fighting moves on it when Pinsir doesn’t get STAB.

If and when Mega Pinsir comes out, I’ll definitely make this one my Mega. Until then, it can continue to rest in my box.

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