Save the Date, 15th December?

So I opened the app in the morning to see I received an EX raid pass for 14th December. Nothing unusual except it is for a Friday when the two raids before that were also on Fridays. Currently Niantic hands out raid passes for the same day of the week twice before moving forward one day and repeating the cycle. That’s how it has always been since EX raids started.

The only time when Niantic did not adhere to the pattern is when raids fall on a weekend and clash with Community Day or 3 hour raid days such as the ones we got for the legendary birds and Gengar. EX raids were then held the previous day or the day after to avoid clashes.

At the time of writing, nothing has been announced for an event on that day. If it is a second Community Day its still too early for Niantic to declare as they normally take a week before making that announcement. The previous 3 hour raid day was announced roughly a week before the actual day so that itself is still in the running. So far no announcement has been made but it still isn’t too late for Niantic to do so. If there is any event on the 15th, we should know it by the end of the weekend.

The other alternative is that there is nothing on the 15th. Its just another day, no big event. Niantic just decided that it’ll be 3 consecutive raids on the same day from now on. If they decided to break the pattern, they can and have done it in the past with an Eevee Community Day. It was partly to promote Lets Go! Pikachu and Lets Go! Eevee and you could argue Eevee was a starter as it was an unavailable starter in Yellow AND it was a former 10km egg Pokemon so it didn’t really break the streak. Even so, it was considered to be something very different from what had been established.

Do I have hard proof to say we are definitely getting anything? No but right now I’m hoping there’s an event, apart from the Christmas event of course. I assume we’re getting one since Niantic has been giving them for the major holidays. We also got one last year. I really enjoyed that event , getting a gold badge for Ice types just using Spheals. I would also love another Community Day to get either Totodile or a 10km egg Pokemon. I would prefer the latter but if the recap Community Day was considered a 10km egg one since you could get them, that could mean the next one is Totodile.

So what do you think? Are we getting an event or nothing at all? Also I apologise for the lack of images here. I just don’t want to cram images into my posts for the sake of it.

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