Destroying Dialga: A Raid Guide

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Source: Bulbapedia

Dialga has the unique type combination of Dragon/Steel, the steel type cancelling all of the weaknesses a dragon type would face. It has 275 attack, 211 defence and 204 stamina. Pretty good stats and it does have the movesets required to be a pure dragon or pure steel attacker. Dialga may not be the top for either one of those but its at least top 5. As a steel attacker, its only second to Metagross with Meteor Mash. Meteor Mash being a legacy move makes Dialga more accessible to players so if you would like additional Steel attackers, Dialga is the way to go.

As a dragon type, Dialga is outclassed by some of its legendary peers like Rayquaza and Palkia and even guys like Dragonite and Garchomp. Even so, its a very good dragon type and worth more than just an entry in the Pokedex. Its great defensive typing and excellent offensive potential makes it a worthy addition to your raid team, or as a gym attacker.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Grass Fighting Ghost
Poison Ground Fire
Steel Ice
Normal Dark
Flying Fairy
Rock Dragon

It only has two weaknesses, none of which are types you associate with dragon. Fighting and ground weaknesses make it a very unusual dragont to counter but the relative lack of weaknesses makes it more straight forward to counter.

Dialga also has 10 resistances, more than half of the 18 types available so choose carefully when you go up against. Definitely avoid Grass and Poison as it has extra resistances to it.


Fast Move Type Power
Dragon Breath Dragon 6
Metal Claw Steel 8

The type coverage for both moves is quite narrow but dragon and steel make for good general attackers. You shouldn’t face too much of an issue fighting Dialga regardless of whichever moves it chooses.

As for which move you’d want Dialga to have, it really depends on what you want your Dialga to be. The best moveset for Dialga in offence isn’t pure dragon or steel but as a mixed attacker. Metal Claw paired with Draco Meteor has higher DPS than Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor. If you want to have a steel attacker then go with Metal Claw, Dragon Breath if you want a dragon attacker.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Draco Meteor Dragon 150 1
Iron Head Steel 60 2
Thunder Electric 100 1

You’ll be thrilled to fight a Dialga with Thunder. You also should not include Thunder as part of your moveset. Movesets with Thunder are the worst for Dialga so don’t use it. Iron Head and Draco Meteor will be far more annoying when you raid against it. Draco Meteor will be extremely painful when Dialga uses it but if you’re not using a dragon type, you should be safe.

Iron Head is no Meteor Mash but as a steel attacker Dialga is only behind Metagross, so if you don’t have enough Meteor Mashers to go around, you can throw in a few Dialga. Draco Meteor beats Iron Head and certainly puts Dialga in the top 10 of dragon attackers , regardless of fast moves. Pair with whichever one is your favourite.

Assembling The Team

The list of Pokemon I’d recommend will be shorter than Palkia due to what I feel is a much smaller pool to draw from.

1: Groudon



The best ground type in the game is one of the best counters to Dialga with its moveset of Mudshot and Earthquake. That is the only moveset from I’d recommend as it targets both weakness and comes with STAB. It can also tank a hit from Thunder well thanks to its bulk and resistance to Electric.

2: Machamp



The best fighting type as of Generation 4 and the first choice if you decide to hit it with some fighting moves. It has several movesets but the best would be Counter and Dynamic Punch. If you don’t have the TMs to get that, then just go with any moveset of pure fighting moves.

3: Breloom



Breloom is the glass cannon option, meaning it can deal a lot of damage but it’ll go down as quickly. Its also the highest DPS option against Dialga, just don’t expect it to hold out for too long against a Draco Meteor Dialga. For moves, go with Counter and Dynamic Punch.

Honorable Mention 



Blaziken is also a great attacker to counter Dialga, being able to resist its Steel moves due to it being a Fire type. Its also a Fighting type so you’ll have some STAB Fighting moves to dish out too. For the most damage, use Counter and Focus Blast.

Final Notes

Unlike Giratina and Cressalia, Dialga is worth adding to your team. Steel is not likely to be viable until the true emergence of fairy types in Generation 6 but it does a great job as a steel type. As a dragon type its a good , almost top of the line choice you won’t regret powering up.

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