Crushing Cresselia: A Raid Guide


Source: Bulbapedia

Cresselia is a good tank in the core games but in here, its a mediocre Psychic type with very little utility. Despite having 258 defence and 260 stamina, it has 152 attack which is even worse than Smoochum! Its not worth any use in attack, not when Mewtwo dominates the Psychic type. Most legendaries are better than it, except maybe the Regis. Either way, don’t bother using it in raids. On the other hand, it does look very elegant. It looks really good when rendered for PoGo. That’s probably the best thing about Cresselia, a nice looking addition to your team.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Psychic Ghost Grass
Fighting Dark Poison
Bug Steel

Pretty standard for a psychic type, use dark, ghost and bug types. Fighting and Psychic are to be avoided while the rest can be used if you don’t have anything to target its weaknesses. Given how defensively strong Cresselia is, I highly advise you go with using Pokemon that deal STAB super effective damage to get the most out of it;especially if you are in a small raid group where everyone needs to be at their best to take down Cresselia.


Fast Move Type Power
Confusion Psychic 20
Psycho Cut Psychic 5

Both offer STAB but Confusion has a higher DPS than Psycho Cut so if you’re using Cresselia, take Confusion.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Aurora Beam Ice 80 2
Future Sight Psychic 120 1
Moonblast Fairy 130 1

Be careful of Moonblast if you’re using dark types on Cresselia. Aurora Beam shouldn’t be a concern unless you’re using Drifblim or Honchkrows. Future Sight is the move to use if you’re planning on using Cresselia. Please don’t use Cresselia.

Assembling The Team

This list is shorter because I think its relatively straight forward to fight Cresselia.

1: Tyranitar


Source: Bulbapedia

Tyranitar is usually the answer to your raid problems. If you don’t have one, the upcoming Community Weekend will give you a chance to acquire a few. Against Cresselia, use ones with Bite and Crunch. Just be careful of Moonblast due to dark being weak to fairy. However don’t be too worried, Cresselia has very low attack so its not going to be extremely painful.

2: Gengar


Source: Bulbapedia

More of a glass cannon option although perhaps less so after the stat rebalancing. Its weak to psychic moves so don’t expect it to last too long against Cresselia. On the plus side, Moonblast won’t do a lot thanks to Gengar’s resistance to Fairy moves.

For moves, go with Lick and Shadowball but if you missed Gengar Day then Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball ought to be fine too.

3: Weavile


Source: Bulbapedia

What it lacks in bulk it makes up for with DPS that outshines even Tyranitar. It resists all of Cresselia’s moves save for Moonblast. Use Snarl and Feint Attack as the first choice moveset.

Honorable Mention 


Source: Bulbapedia


I was going to leave out Darkrai because it isn’t out yet but a Pokemon which outguns Tyranitar in terms of DPS can’t be left out. If for some really bad reason Niantic brings back Cresselia for a second run and you have Darkrai, Darkrai should be used.

You have quite a few combinations to choose from but the highest DPS moveset is Snarl and Shadow Ball. If you don’t have that one then use anything which doesn’t have Focus Blast as a charge move.

Final Notes

This was a really short guide but I think its all you need to know to fight Cresselia. Its a bad legendary here which is a shame but it is what it is.

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