Exorcising Giratina(Altered Forme): A Raid Guide

Altered Forme

Altered Forme
Source: Bulbapedia

Giratina comes in two formes: Origin Forme and Altered Forme.Like Deoxys, its formes have different stat values but have the movesets, which is unlike Deoxys. Giratina retains its Dragon/Ghost typing regardless of forme. Its a decent typing on its own.

Giratina’s Altered Forme is a defensive tank but lacks the Attack stat and moves to really be of any use. 187 attack is pitiful for the ruler of the Distortion World,even if it has 225 defence and 284 stamina.

On the other hand, Altered Forme swaps it attack and defence stats around, making it far more viable in attack. 187 defence is aided by its 284 stamina stat. Its not in the top 10 when it comes to Dragons but its handy if you have nothing really good. This guide is meant for its Altered Forme, if you came looking for its Origin Forme guide you can click here.

Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Grass Ghost Psychic
Fighting Dark Ground
Bug Ice Steel
Electric Fairy Rock
Water Dragon Flying
Fire Poison

With 5 weaknesses, you should have ample choices when picking your team(s) of 6. Now lets take a look at its move set.


Fast Move Type Power
Dragon Breath Dragon 9
Shadow Claw Ghost 6

Giratina gets STAB for using both moves. Shadow Claw has the highest DPS for a ghost type fast move but it’s Altered Forme doesn’t have enough attack to really hurt your team. Dragon Breath is arguably one of the better dragon type fast moves out. Now on to its charge moves.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Ancient Power Rock 70 3
Dragon Claw Dragon 50 3
Shadow Sneak Ghost 50 3

I’m really disappointed they didn’t give Giratina a good charge move. Its signature move Shadow Force wasn’t given to it. Maybe Niantic is reserving it for a possible Giratina Day as an incentive to catch it, apart from the usual lure of a shiny version of it. Regardless of their reason to not put in Shadowforce, which I could see as at least a single bar move of 120 power. Instead it has to make do with the terrible Shadow Sneak and equally bad Dragon Claw. Latios was dangerous with Dragon Claw but not Giratina. Comparing Giratina to Mewtwo is like comparing a kitten to a lion. I’m not even going to mention Ancient Power, its wasted on Giratina even if it does have a higher base power than its other moves. Origin Forme Giratina at least makes do thanks to its better attack stat,and is actually marginally useful thanks.

Assembling The Team 

What should you use on Giratina? Below are my top 3 choices.

1: Tyranitar



There’s a reason why I spent 5 hours catching Larvitar when its Community Day came around. I didn’t stop at 2pm because they extended it to 4pm and I knew right there and then, I needed to make the most of this opporunity to get a good rock team and dark team. For the latter, there is still no better Pokemon at the time of writing than Tyranitar. Investing a few good ones will pay off in the long run. There are so many legendary Pokemon with either a weakness to rock or dark that you will turn to this guy to bring them down for you.

Up against Giratina, utilize the moveset of Bite and Crunch to do the most damage to it. It has STAB and gets extra due to Giratina’s weakness to dark. On the defensive side of things, there’s no moveset Giratina has which exploits one of Tyranitar’s weaknesses. So its the best going forward and back.

2: Rayquaza


Source: Bulbapedia

Using a dragon type pokemon can be a little risky if Giratina uses one or more dragon moves. There’s a 50% chance the one you’re facing is using it meaning your dragons will be going down faster than you’d like. Unlike Tyranitar where I would only recommend it as the only dark type attacker, the dragon type has plenty of options although I won’t go through each one. For this, the first choice would be Rayquaza because it has the higher attack and surprisingly, higher stamina. Dragonite isn’t far behind but when attack is the name of the game, Rayquaza is first choice.

Ensure it has the moveset of Dragon Tail and Outrage for optimum offence, its flying moves get STAB but don’t deal supereffective damage. Also watch out for Giratina’s with Ancient Power, Rayquaza still has a weakness to rock thanks to its flying typing.

3: Dragonite



Not everyone has a Rayquaza worth powering up, or even a Rayquaza. Of the 3 Hoenn mascots, it had the least time as a raid boss. As a legendary, candies will be hard to come by and you’ll be converting rare candies to feed it.

On the other hand, Dragonite is not a legendary and it had a Community Day so most people ought to have a few decent Dragonite. Its candy is easier to come by since you can hatch it, catch it in the wild and use rare candy on it. It has great offence and stamina, not as great as Rayquaza but its not terrible by any means. It also has slightly higher defence than Rayquaza so you might just get a little more out of each one before it goes down.

Dragonite’s been around since the game came out so it does have some legacy moves, including its Community Day exclusive charge move of Draco Meteor. The best move set would be one with dragon moves and if you have an old Dragonite before the first rebalancing , it might have the move Dragon Breath. Dragon Breath is still inferior to Dragon Tail but if that’s all you have, use it. If not then Dragon Tail for the fast move. For the charge move, Draco Meteor is not an improvement on Outrage so go with the latter. If you have to use a Dragonite with the legacy moves of Dragon Pulse and Dragon Claw, its not ideal but its your perogative. I’m personally against removing legacy moves unless the Pokemon has a really high IV or its going to improve your roster immensely.

Like with Rayquaza, be careful of Ancient Power as well.

Honourable Mention

GengarSource: Bulbapedia

I really like Gengar, its my favourite Pokemon and Giratina may be weak to ghost but I wouldn’t put Gengar in my top 3 choices to face off against it. Gengar is a glass cannon, meaning high damage output but it’ll probably faint to one charge move. You’ll be lucky if it survives the first charge move. Its weak to ghost moves as a fellow ghost type but that means it’ll be dealing a tremendous amount of damage to Giratina. Just don’t expect it to last long, you’ll be changing it faster than a child changes its mind.

For Gengar, use ghost moves. Best current moveset would be Hex and Shadowball. However, if you have the legacy fast moves  Lick or Shadow Claw then use either one of them.


Giratina is not a difficult legendary to take down, it can be done with 4-5 people using the right Pokemon and of course, high enough levels. Its not Mewtwo, both in terms of difficulty and viabilty in the current meta. Even so, its still a lot of xp just to do the raid and another step in completing your Pokedex.


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