Giratina, Why Do You Hate Me?

GiratinaI like Giratina. Its probably the worst of the 3 legendary dragons from Generation IV , both in the core games and in Pokemon Go. Here its crippled by a really bad moveset and some subpar stats. I think it would be a good gym defender but as a legendary you can’t place it in gyms. Despite all that, I still like it enough. The ghost type is my favourite of the 18 types so a legendary ghost type is one I’d love to get several of.

The first Giratina raid went smoothly, and I caught it on my 5th ball that was nice. Its IV was below 82% but the first catch is usually terrible for me. Fine. I would get better ones after that. Then it ran on the next 4 raids. Incredible. It lives up to its pokedex entry for violently hitting balls away. I’ve noticed the legendary pokemon released after Latios and Latias seem to do that more often. I’m not entirely sure if Niantic changed the AI’s behaviour but its a trend I’ve noticed since June.

I am aware that the chance of catching a level 5 raid legendary is about 15.65% assuming you have a gold medal for typing while using a golden razz berry and making an excellent curved throw. Still, the chances of not catching it isn’t as low as it would seem. I just hope I can hit my target of at least 6 Giratina before it leaves.

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